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Cardiovascular fitness equipment is the most popular type of equipment on the market. Most fitness facilities, no matter what their size or shape, are made up of 60-70% cardio because it’s so popular with their users.

Cardio Equipment comes in 3 levels of quality:

Full commercial:  These are top-of-the-line, feature-rich products manufactured by the fitness industry’s leading name brands. They are designed to take a beating in a high-usage facility. A full commercial treadmill will tolerate being in use almost 24 hours per day by people of all shapes and sizes.

Light Commercial:  These products, also known as “Vertical Market Products,” are also manufactured by leading brand names, but they are designed to be used in a “light usage” facility. Light commercial machines are typically only used 4-6 hours per day. The products are still feature-rich but the materials are lighter gauge to save buyers money.

Entry level:  These products are designed for very low usage facilities, typically no more than 3 hours per day, and not every day. They are more utilitarian in look, feel and electronics. They have limited features and are designed to be price and value focused.

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As you can see, we offer a full spectrum in cardiovascular equipment for all types of facilities and budgets. We recommend discussing your wants, needs and goals with one of our industry veterans before making an equipment selection. We can help you save time and money by reducing your need for research and ensuring you don’t over or under buy when you finally make that sound informed purchase decision. Both mistakes can be very costly over the long term.


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