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Strength Equipment

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Strength Equipment comes in 2 levels of quality:

Full commercial – These are top-of-the-line machines from top-of-the-line commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.  They are feature-rich and offer many unique user benefits like range-limiting motions and heavier weight stacks.  Full commercial strength equipment pieces are made with heavy gauge materials and are designed to take a pounding in a high-usage facility.  Many can be customized to your unique needs or preferences.

Light Commercial – Also known as “Vertical Market Products,” are manufactured by leading brand names, but they are designed to be used in a “light usage” facility.  They typically come in set colors and have a limited selection of bells and whistles.  Light Commercial pieces offer “the best of the basics”.  They also come flat packed in boxes instead of delivered pre-built and tested.

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Strength Equipment comes in 2 different motion categories:

Machine Defined Motion – The ergonomics on these machines are machine defined, i.e. selectorized units with a weight stack.

User Defined Motion – The ergonomics on these machines are user defined, i.e. cable crossovers or functional trainers.


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