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Why We Are Special

At Specialty Fitness Equipment, we listen to our clients, think about their needs and partner with them to create a solution that best outfits their unique facility.

We only represent products that meet the strict biomechanical and technological performance standards of our in-house fitness experts. We stay informed of the latest scientific research and we work directly with the equipment manufacturers to ensure that the solutions we carry produce unbeatable results for you and your clientele.

At Specialty Fitness Equipment we’ve built a very rare business model that is built around your unique needs. We manage and monitor the entire process from design to installation and aftercare.  Our business model is built on respect and leads to a long term relationship.

In our opinion, the sale is not over until you come back to buy from us again. We take 100% ownership and responsibility for your experience with our company from the first day you reach out to inquire about our services until the day you call us back and tell us about your next project!

That’s why we’re special!

Why YOU Are SpecialFitnessCenter

At Specialty Fitness Equipment we want to ensure that every client is satisfied with their entire experience. When we look at your space, we don’t just see a room with fitness equipment, we see an amenity that can help you differentiate your business from your competition and drive real profits to your bottom line.

While other fitness suppliers are unresponsive, our team of top talent is onsite, consulting with you about the individual goals of your business and the needs of your clients. Why? It’s simple… we care about your R.O.I. (Your bottom line helps our bottom line long term.) We know your fitness facility and its contents are an important point of differentiation for your business. We also know it’s not your only concern. So we’ve aligned our company’s resources behind your unique needs to maximize the vitality and efficiency of your facility.

One of the ways you stay profitable is by making good financial decisions for your business. We want to help you maximize the return on your investment by helping you make the educated choices and sound informed purchase decisions for your fitness facility. We understand that even a small investment can have a great impact on getting the results you want.

We pledge to maintain a level of integrity, service, quality and commitment unparalleled in this industry. When working with Specialty Fitness Equipment you are receiving more than fitness equipment, you are entering into a long term relationship. Every sale, every promise and every one of our employees are dedicated to meeting our client’s expectations. This is why from concept to completion you can always count on our knowledge and expertise.

Every facility is SPECIAL to us. Our success is based on your success!

That’s why YOU are special!



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