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With fitness accessories, it is often that the little things that can make a big difference toward improving your workout experience. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen our collection of accessory products to complement each other.

Fitness Entertainmentcardiotheater

When considering what kind of fitness entertainment package you need, first determine the overall experience or environment you want to create for your users. For example, do you want to project a feeling of exclusivity, personalization and variety? If so, individual Personal Viewing Screens (PVSs) might be a great fit for you. In this case, you’ll put a personal TV (that the user has full control over) on every machine. But you must also factor budget into the equation because Personal Viewing Screens, for example, tend to be more expensive than a traditional 900 mhz system —in other words, putting TVs on walls and letting users “tune in” with their radio.

If you do decide to put TVs on the walls, you’ll need to consider factors such as ceiling height, cable outlets, and cable management. If you decide you want Personal Viewing Screens, then you’ll need to have a dedicated outlet and cable jack going to every machine… so there’s a lot more cost that goes into the PVS solution in terms of time, energy and resources but it’s also a fabulous way to set yourself apart from your competition.


Personal Viewing Screens are Right for You If:

• You are competing with someone that already offers them
• You want to set yourself apart from your competition
• You want to create an exclusive and personalized experience for your users
• You want to be perceived as a high-end luxury facility
• You want to offer users something that greatly enhances their experience

We specialize in offering fitness entertainment solutions because it is such an important part of creating and optimizing the space for your users. We do an enormous amount of work with head in units and are certified to set up, route and manage cables. Our goal is to make the process hassle-free for you and give you peace of mind that your fitness facility is in expert hands.

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