New Year. New You. Not so fast...

January 09, 2019

If you are feeling the pressure to be Instagram fit and eat Keto right now, you are not alone! As if the pressure to be perfect isn’t enough throughout the year, January is even worse. The difference this time of year is the added feeling of trying not to fail in your resolutions. According to US News, 80% of “new years resolutions” will be forgotten by the second week in February and Static Brain Research Institute estimates that only 9% of resolutions last an entire year. So what’s the solution? Small changes! When you are in fitness business people say...

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Police Fitness Centers

October 18, 2018

But what happens to fitness levels after the police academy… when the real life police work begins? The daily grind of being in law enforcement is a sedentary routine that typically consists of patrolling, often in cars, and paperwork. Statistically speaking a police officer is 25 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than from action in the field.(1) More and more departments are encouraging their officers to exercise, stay healthy and reduce stress levels by having an on-site fitness amenity. They can be extravagant or simple, but many can be done in an affordable manner. Boosters and grants...

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The Multi-Housing Fitness Center Amenity

October 18, 2018

Specialty Fitness Equipment has the experience to help you provide your families with the most affordable and safest commercial grade fitness equipment within any budget. We'll help you from concept to completion, with a floor plan, a quote that fits your budget, delivery, professional installation by our team, as well as the services of maintaining the equipment year after year. How Specialty Fitness Equipment Will Better Your Multi-Housing Communities Fitness Center Amenity Whenever we ask developers and property managers why they place fitness centers in their communities, the most common response is "to support the leasing effort." These developers and...

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Pro Tip!

Keep your fitness room exciting!

Consider rejuvenating your space by trading in one or a few old, tired pieces of equipment for a new state-of-the art commercial piece of cardio or strength equipment. Subtle changes in your equipment offerings break up the “monotony” and keep your clients feeling refreshed. We promise you, your members will thank you!

Not every fitness room is the same.

It is important to design a fitness amenity based on it’s users. Student Housing facilities are much different than Senior Living and County Clubs are much different than Fire Stations fitness rooms. Let us help you design your space towards your population.

Are you covered in case of liability?

Make sure you have commercial equipment in a commercial fitness amenity. If a fitness room has home grade fitness equipment and a user gets injured, the facility is responsible for improper equipment placed in an inappropriate setting.

Different types of equipment.

Fitness equipment is broken down into a few categories: Full commercial, light commercial, specialty home fitness and sporting good fitness. Ask us which one best suits your needs.

Invest in the product, not the technology.

Several fitness companies are selling you on their programming. Every month today’s technology outdates itself. Look for quality manufactures with machines that fit your fitness needs. The classes available in cyberspace nowadays are endless, don’t limit yourself to just one virtual fitness company.