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Specialty Fitness Equipment and FLOOR SYSTEMS & DESIGN have teamed up to provide the highest quality commercial flooring for your fitness amenity.

We represent the highest quality manufacturers and supply all types of floor covering such as carpet, rubber and hardwood floors.  Our goal is to provide competitive and accurate estimates which help you get exactly what you want while maximizing your budget.  We are fast, professional, and unbelievably focused on our client’s needs.  Regardless of the size of your project, we will put 100% of our effort into helping you choose the right products for your facility.


Featured Flooring Options

Rubber Flooring:
Rubber FlooringRolls & Tiles
Custom Colors
Pattern Play
Custom Logos
Group Exercise
yogaExterra Classic
Exterra MP-2000
Exterra MP-3000
Zenterra Bamboo

Modular Floor
CarpetTileGoose Bumps
Aeoba Tiles
Shower Tiles
CarpetTile Sport
Zebra Yoga Flooring
Cardio Equipment Mats
treadmat_thumbTreadmill Mat
Bike Mat
Gym Mat
Muscle Mat




Commercial, Medical & Residential