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Free Weights

Weight Plates – Dumbbells and Fixed Barbells – Storage Racks – Cable Attachments – Weight Bars – Strength Training Accessories

Free weights are an essential part of the foundation of any gym. They are available in a wide variety of formats from standard, grip plates, inter-locking, rubber coated, urethane coated and more. Plates and bars are available for all applications and in any quantity.

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TIP: Before making an equipment decision, determine whether or not your facility is going to be supervised or unsupervised. If your facility is going to be supervised, meaning you have personal trainers or other staff members available to assist users, you can have more specialty and complex pieces in your facility. If your facility is not going to be supervised, then you’ll need to outfit your facility with intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to understand pieces that people can just walk up to and easily use. Same thing is true for free weights, i.e. dumbbells, plates, weight bars, benches, etc. Not only are small things like dumbbells a potential safety hazard, but anything small and portable like that can be easily stolen. Even the most prestigious, fully-staff facilities have theft, so if your facility is unsupervised think twice before bringing in free weights.

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