New Year. New You. Not so fast...

January 09, 2019

If you are feeling the pressure to be Instagram fit and eat Keto right now, you are not alone!

As if the pressure to be perfect isn’t enough throughout the year, January is even worse. The difference this time of year is the added feeling of trying not to fail in your resolutions. According to US News, 80% of “new years resolutions” will be forgotten by the second week in February and Static Brain Research Institute estimates that only 9% of resolutions last an entire year.

So what’s the solution?

Small changes!

When you are in fitness business people say “Oh! You must work out every day!” Here’s a little office secret. Every one of us works out between 3-4 days a week. Weights. Cardio. Some of us do classes for the accountability piece. That’s it!

There is no need to try the latest new work out craze, if that’s not who you are. Acro-Yoga looks like so much fun, but if you aren’t used to working out don’t suddenly decide you are going to be an aerialist!

Change your level of physical activity realistically. Get to a place (the local rec center, gym or even your basement) where you feel comfortable working out. Get on a treadmill, elliptical or bike put the settings at a comfortable pace for a week or two. Get in the routine (the routine is key!) and next week bump up the resistance one level.

Small changes aren’t only about the gym. Small changes include what we put into our body.

There’s no need to go Vegan, Paleo or Keto. But take a good hard look at your diet. When are you eating? What are you eating?

In our house we try to eat bread that molds within a week. Why? Because bread that molds with in a week has less sugar and preservatives than the white buns last a month. We started cutting sugar in our morning coffee by half and switched from cow’s milk to almond milk. (Our reasoning for switching to almond milk is a whole different blog post!) We have also made an effort to eat more plant based foods and decrease meat. Meatless Monday have become Meatless Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Trust me I still enjoy eating. I just don’t need to have so much of everything, just because I can. My small change goal lately is eating small snacks/meals throughout the day and drinking more water. This is hard because the days can fly so fast for me.

Notice I didn’t say my goal for 2019. I said my goal “lately”. Small changes make long term impacts. Don’t set a resolution for a year, set a goal for a lifestyle.

Happy Healthy 2019!


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Pro Tip!

Keep your fitness room exciting!

Consider rejuvenating your space by trading in one or a few old, tired pieces of equipment for a new state-of-the art commercial piece of cardio or strength equipment. Subtle changes in your equipment offerings break up the “monotony” and keep your clients feeling refreshed. We promise you, your members will thank you!

Not every fitness room is the same.

It is important to design a fitness amenity based on it’s users. Student Housing facilities are much different than Senior Living and County Clubs are much different than Fire Stations fitness rooms. Let us help you design your space towards your population.

Are you covered in case of liability?

Make sure you have commercial equipment in a commercial fitness amenity. If a fitness room has home grade fitness equipment and a user gets injured, the facility is responsible for improper equipment placed in an inappropriate setting.

Different types of equipment.

Fitness equipment is broken down into a few categories: Full commercial, light commercial, specialty home fitness and sporting good fitness. Ask us which one best suits your needs.

Invest in the product, not the technology.

Several fitness companies are selling you on their programming. Every month today’s technology outdates itself. Look for quality manufactures with machines that fit your fitness needs. The classes available in cyberspace nowadays are endless, don’t limit yourself to just one virtual fitness company.

Consider Your Needs.

The equipment should satisfy your interests and needs. The activities you can do with this fitness equipment should be challenging and enjoyable. Just buying an equipment piece does not mean that you will really use it, especially since it is something new, which makes it harder to use. Make sure you already know the equipment and that it is something that you have already tried in a gym. Start by buying small sets of equipment that match your interests.

Consider The Space.

Before buying fitness equipment, make sure you know where you can put it and how much space can be spared for it. Try to think where to place a treadmill before buying it. Measure to see if your space can accommodate the equipment. Plan ahead and ensure that the equipment can be brought into your home without creating problems. Is it safe for you? If you have pre-existing health issues, consult with your to ensure that the equipment is suitable for you. Some fitness equipment may not be easy to use and can cause injury to your body.

Consider The Price.

Don’t be fooled by the thought that you will gain more satisfaction from the fitness equipment because you spent too much money on them. Always consider how much you are willing to pay for a certain fitness equipment. Also, ask yourself if it is worth so much. Just because an equipment is expensive it does not mean the quality is great. Always check the quality or consult with an expert before you buy the fitness equipment.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!

Ignore claims that an exercise machine or device can provide long-lasting, easy, “no-sweat” results in a short time. These claims are false: You can’t get the benefits of exercise unless you exercise with right piece of equipment.

Put the Work In and Get the Results!

Question claims that a product can burn fat off a particular part of the body — for example, the buttocks, hips or stomach. Achieving a major change in your appearance requires sensible eating and regular exercise that works the whole body.